How to give puree to the child

How to give puree to the child

It is desirable to keep as long as possible breastfeeding, maternal milk – the best food for the child. Nevertheless, kids from five-six monthly age are recommended to enter a feeding up. And the first new course, as a rule, is vegetable puree.


1. The first type of a feeding up for the kid it is better to make puree from one type of vegetables. Give preference not to potatoes, but a squash and different types of cabbage (color, broccoli). The squash does not cause allergies, its gentle cellulose is well acquired by the child's organism. Broccoli and a cauliflower are also low allergy, contain a large number of minerals and are easily acquired.

2. You enter a feeding up on 0.5-1 teaspoons, gradually, within 1-2 weeks, increasing quantity of a product to age norm (150-180 ml). Give puree before day feeding by a breast, and then finish feeding the kid milk. Need for it will disappear when the portion of a feeding up increases to norm. In the beginning vegetable puree has to be quite liquid. When the kid well learns to eat from a spoon, pass to more dense food. Remember that it is better not to replace with feeding up dishes morning or evening feeding by a breast.

3. Watch the kid carefully: at emergence of allergic reaction, violation of work of intestines, introduction of a new product should be stopped. You can repeatedly try to give it to the child not earlier than in 1-2 months. Create the food diary in which note reaction of the kid to each new ingredient entered into his diet. If the child's organism normally reacts to a feeding up, gradually add new vegetable to a dish: turnip, pumpkin, carrots. Since eight months for the baby it is possible to add to vegetable puree in small amounts onions and garlic in a stewed or boiled look. It is better to enter potatoes and a white cabbage into the child's diet closer by a year since they are heavy for digestion. Beet, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet paprika of a vysokoallergenna therefore acquaint with them the kid in the last turn. You should not be fond also of bean: they are vitamin-rich groups B, but cause an abdominal distension and a meteorizm.

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