How to give Regidron to children

How to give Regidron to children

Regidron is used as a part of complex therapy for restoration of water and electrolytic balance and fight with adidozy. It is entered at sharp diarrhea, at heatstrokes and for prevention of deficiency of electrolytes at the thermal and physical activities which are followed by the strengthened sweating.


1. Give Regidron to newborns and children up to 12 months at the easy course of diarrhea on 1 teaspoon within 6 hours, with an interval on 10 minutes. Calculate total amount of the injected drug proceeding from the body weight of the child. In day use 40-50 ml on kg of weight of the kid. At diarrhea of average weight apply Regidron in the daily number of 80-100 ml on weight kg, increase single reception to 2 teaspoons. Support this daily dose before complete cessation of diarrhea, but no more than four days.

2. If diarrhea is followed by nausea and vomiting, enter Regidron via the nazogastralny probe. Such method of introduction is carried out under observation of the doctor. After each attack of vomiting in addition you inject drug in number of 10 ml on body weight kg. Do not interrupt food of the kid or breastfeeding. You feed the child in the usual mode right after carrying out rehydration.

3. If at the child spasms or other symptoms of violations of water and electrolytic exchange connected with overheating and dehydration, such as thirst and polyuria began, give it medicine fractionally, portions on 100-150 ml within half an hour. Bring total to 500 ml at least. Then repeat this mode of introduction each 40 minutes before full elimination of symptoms of overheating and deficiency of electrolytes.

4. At the increased thermal and physical activities for prevention of violations of water and electrolytic exchange begin to give to the child of Regidron small drinks, before full satisfying of thirst.

5. At treatment by Regidron keep in mind that recovery of water and electrolytic balance by means of this medicine is carried out only in that case if the deficiency of the body weight of the child connected with liquid loss does not exceed 9%. In other cases the rehydration is begun with introduction of intravenous medicines, Regidron is used after elimination of sharp loss of body weight as the supporting therapy.

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