How to give tablets to the baby

How to give tablets to the baby

New parents are waited by many difficulties in the first months of life of the kid. One of serious tests for the loving mothers and fathers are prevention and treatment of children's diseases. Fortunately, today there is a huge amount of medicines especially for babies. Such form of release as tablets nonpluses parents, however in practice their reception is not such a problem.

It is required to you

  • - 2 spoons,
  • - small bottle,
  • - syringe without needle.


1. Young parents do not know how to force the baby to take medicines, especially, if he did not try in the life anything, except chest milk. The first and easiest way is to pound necessary amount of medicine, to mix with water, milk or other liquid which is present at a diet of the kid and to give from a spoon. Nothing terrible will occur if the child begins to acquire useful skill of meal from a spoon slightly earlier, than you planned introduction of a feeding up. For safety of gentle children's gums it is the best of all to get special silicone spoons which will be useful and further.

2. If the kid refuses flatly to eat or drink from a spoon, it is possible to offer him the tablets pounded and mixed with liquid in a small bottle. However for this purpose it is necessary to crush very carefully medicine, the opening in a silicone pacifier is small. One more difficulty is connected with this way: if the child refuses to drink all contents of a small bottle, it will be difficult for you to estimate amount of the drug which is actually taken by it.

3. The most effective way to allow the child of a tablet is to use the ordinary medical syringe without needle. It is enough to mix the crushed tablets with liquid, to fill the syringe and to enter it into a mouth of the kid. Be not afraid of the fact that the child will choke — at babies the glotatelny reflex is pronounced. So you, most likely, will not spill medicine at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team