How to give to a gift a transforming carriage

How to give to a gift a transforming carriage

If at your disposal there were good, but not too necessary children's things, for example, such as a transforming carriage, you can give them to those who need it.


1. If you decided to give someone to a gift a transforming carriage, use for this purpose the Internet. People very often began to use social networks therefore in case you have the account, for example, of VKontakte, create the corresponding inscription at yourself on a wall. The text of the announcement can be the following: "I will give to a gift a transforming carriage, to address in private messages or by phone..." Besides, it is possible to specify characteristics of a carriage in the announcement and also to attach to it photos. If you are not sure that your record will be seen by many users, use special groups. In the section "My Groups" which is located in the left top corner of your page in a search box enter the name of your city. before you all publics corresponding to criteria of search will open. Almost you will be able to find the section with announcements in each group. Exactly there you need to place the text and to wait until write to you or will call.

2. In the same way you can present someone a carriage-tranformer through "Одноклассники.ру". Only you need to establish communication as the status or too to lay out in special group.

3. The following method to find applicants for your unnecessary property - search in forums for young mothers. Log into any search engine, hammer the name of your city into a search box and add to it the word "forum". Before you the list of the websites which you can use will open. Left-click on any Internet resource, register on it. Find a special topic most of which often is called "Flea market" in the list of sections and create in it a new topic which will contain the text of the announcement given above and also photos of a transforming carriage.

4. Unfortunately, not all people have an opportunity to use the Internet therefore you can find future owners for a baby carriage among readers of city newspapers. Come to the editorial office of any edition and ask to place your announcement. It becomes not free of charge, however cost is not too high. As a rule, all modern newspapers have the websites on which you will also be able to submit the announcement. Payment is made by means of electronic payments or money transfer from the card into the special account of the printing edition. In the newspaper not only the text of your announcement, but also the photo which you attach to it can be laid out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team