How to give to Nan sour-milk

How to give to Nan sour-milk

NAN sour-milk is the adapted mix intended for feeding of children from the first days of life in the absence of breast milk. It is made by fermentation by lactic bacteria and contains live bifidobacteria. Squirrels who contain in mix are similar to that in breast milk. In addition sour-milk NAN contains all mineral substances and vitamins necessary for growth and development of the kid.


1. During infections the doctor usually appoints to the child bactericidal medicines. Besides direct action on the causative agent of an infection, these medicines are capable to change players of intestinal flora of the kid. NAN sour-milk contains thermophilic bacteria in the structure. In case of the postponed bactericidal therapy for prevention of violations of digestion give mix daily, once a day according to an age dosage. HAH 1, of six months – HAH2 is intended for kids from the birth about half a year.

2. Mix is recommended to kids in the period of the increased risk of infectious diseases, especially in cold season. Include NAN in a daily diet of the kid according to an age dosage which are contained in it a bacterium promote increase in the immune status.

3. Fermented milk products possess protection against pathogenic bacteria. NAN sour-milk gains the properties in the course of fermentation, they provide protection against microbes and improve digestion of substances necessary for an organism of the child – proteins, calcium and iron. It is important in the period of the beginning of a feeding up when the probability of contact with dangerous microbes increases. Begin to give NAN sour-milk to the child along with introduction of a feeding up, daily one or twice a day.

4. In case the kid from the first days is on artificial feeding, it often has locks. If such situations periodically repeat, begin to give NAN sour-milk at first 2 times a day. Then at normalization of a chair pass to single feeding with this mix.

5. At food to children with the increased tendency to vomiting. In this case give NAN as the main mix for feeding.

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