How to give to the baby medicine

How to give to the baby medicine

Babies need special attention and care from adults. It is especially shown during a disease of the child when he needs to give medicine. At the same time the parent has to consider specifics of age of the child.


1. Be not engaged in treatment of the baby independently. At such early age the pediatrician as the mistake in components or a dosage influences an organism of the baby much stronger, than the adult has to prescribe all medicines.

2. Before leaving an office of the doctor, study the written prescription. If you did not understand something, surely ask again. In the recipe not only the name of medicine and a dosage, but also term of intake of medicine and also an order of its application - before going to bed, before feeding or after feeding has to be specified.

3. Buy the appointed medicine. Study the instruction to it, especially the section of contraindications. There additional important information, for example, incongruity of medicine in any food which enter the child's feeding up can be given.

4. If medicine is not dosed, for example, in the form of tablets or capsules, buy to it a volumetric glass or a spoon. Because of the small weight of the baby it is especially important to count a medicine dose correctly. However, together with some medicines the measured devices are on sale in a set.

5. In the presence of an opportunity choose medicine in a liquid form. It is much simpler to give it to the child. If medicine has bitter taste, pour in it in for a cheek to the child. So less chances that medicine will be spat out will be easier to swallow it.

6. If medicine needs to be entered intramuscularly or intravenously, agree with the nurse about a session of pricks. Even if you have a skill of pricks the adult, it is the best of all to entrust the baby to the professional.

7. Dissolve the registered powders in water before giving to the child. If Regulations of Admission allow it, then they can be diluted also with children's juice.

8. Do not give medicines if the child cries. At first calm him. If he categorically does not take medicine, invite to yourself to the aid relatives. They will be able to hold the child while you give him medicine.

9. At deterioration in a state, manifestations of an allergy address the pediatrician. Perhaps, it will be necessary to replace medicine because of individual reaction of an organism.

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