How to give to the child a bitter tablet

How to give to the child a bitter tablet

To conduct a course of the treatment appointed to their child by the doctor, parents often should resort to some cunnings - kids, as a rule, refuse to take a bitter pill.


1. Considering that children love sweet, crush a bitter tablet in powder and mix it with a candy stuffing. For this purpose best of all candies with a jam stuffing approach. Accurately remove a part of chocolate from candy, trying not to crumb it, carefully mix powder with jam, cover with chocolate, turn in a candy wrapper and treat yours the baby.

2. For the child who is not 3 years old surely dissolve the crushed tablet in liquid. Best of all for this purpose compote, sweet syrup or even usual water with addition of sugar will approach. It is not recommended to use mineral water and juice which can reduce efficiency for these purposes or change effect of the medicine.

3. If the kid spat out a part of a tablet, do not add powder in addition at all - you can overdose medicine that is fraught with grave consequences. Also in this case it is not recommended to increase the frequency of reception of tablets. To change the scheme of reception and a dosage of the medicine appointed to your child only the doctor can!

4. If it is not possible to give to the baby bitter medicine nevertheless in any way, try to play with it hospital. For this purpose put his favourite toy near the kid and tell that she got sick. Carry out survey of "patient" together with the child and surely prescribe to it medicine. Show how a bear or a doll accept him, and ask the kid to open a mouth too to take a medicine. Most likely, such approach will result in desirable result.

5. For the sake of achievement of the goal you can resort also to other cunning and write for your baby the fairy tale, for example, about the kind doctor by the name of the Tablet who helps all sick kids to struggle with their illness. But at the same time surely note that it is difficult for doctor to cope with him to one therefore children have to accept several times a day medicine, not really tasty, but very important for recovery. Perhaps, after such fairy tale the child will have a desire nevertheless to take a bitter medicine that together with the fantastic doctor to overcome the desease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team