How to give to the child apple

How to give to the child apple

Apple – very useful fruit. Contains in it many nutrients which are well influencing an organism of the kid and strengthening his immune system. Only it is necessary to give this fruit to the child correctly and in certain age.


1. Apple is a well of useful minerals: vitamins B and With, fructose, glucose, essential oils, iron, phosphorus, calcium and various acids. This fruit improves appetite and serves as natural absorbent – cleans a stomach as a sponge, absorbing in itself hazardous substances. Therefore apples have to enter surely the menu of the kid especially as such delicacy usually very much is pleasant to children.

2. The age when it is necessary to enter apple into a diet, is defined by specific features of digestion of the child. But it is usually possible to do it in 8-9 months. If it is often hurt by a tummy or it is swollen out, postpone feeding by apple for later term or give it not in fresh, and in the baked look without any additives in the form of honey, cinnamon and others similar. It is anyway better to consult with the pediatrician.

3. Begin feeding with green apples as from red the allergy can develop. For this purpose scrape off from apple a teaspoon pulp and let's try to the kid half a teaspoon. Naturally fruit to choose better those of which safety you are more or less sure. The apple soaked with nitrates can only do much harm and taste at it not that at all.

4. You watch a condition of the child. If during the day it did not have a rash and the stomach does not hurt, you can repeat feeding next day, gradually entering apple into a diet of the baby. In a month you can increase quantity to 2 teaspoons, but every day nevertheless you should not give it.

5. Alternate the crude and baked fruit in feeding. To receive the baked apple, wash it and put in an oven until it does not become absolutely soft. It is necessary to give it also without peel.

6. After a year when the kid has enough teeth, give it apple small pieces which are convenient for taking in a mouth. Only before it surely clean fruit and you watch closely that the child did not choke. Do not give it the second piece until he completely chewed the first.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team