How to give to the child chest collecting

How to give to the child chest collecting

Chest collecting represents a set of officinal herbs from which broth is prepared. It helps at cough, cold and various diseases of the upper airways. Chest collecting can be bought already ready in pharmacy, and it is possible to pick up herbs independently. But anyway, before treating the child chest collecting, it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor.

It is required to you

  • For children's chest collecting:
  • - 2 tablespoons of green parts of a thyme;
  • - 2 tablespoons of berries of a dogrose;
  • - 1 tablespoons of a grass and flowers of a violet;
  • - 1 tablespoons of crimson leaves;
  • - 1 tablespoons of leaves and flowers of ivan-tea;
  • - 1 tablespoons of leaves of a brotherly tinder;
  • - 1 tablespoons of leaves of coltsfoot;
  • - 200 ml of boiled water.


1. Chest collecting is issued at numbers from 1 to 4. This natural remedy (set of officinal herbs) has slow salutary effect, but they are absolutely harmless. Therefore many mothers prefer chest collecting to medicines.

2. But pharmaceutical chest collecting is intended more for adults therefore to give them to children is younger than three years it is not recommended.

3. Release now and children's chest collecting which part herbs, harmless to kids, are. Pediatricians recommend them to use during a sharp form of bronchitis, whooping cough, the trakhebronkhit and asthma. If the doctor prescribed your child pharmaceutical collecting, surely take an interest as it is correct to give it to the child.

4. For preparation of broth from house chest collecting carefully mix all ingredients. Take two tablespoons of mix of chest collecting, fill in them with boiled water. Close the container with broth and put to the warm place and let's it infuse within half an hour. Then filter the received tea, and wring out the rest through a gauze.

5. Give to kids up to three years on a tablespoon 3-4 times a day. To children up to ten years on two tablespoons, also 3-4 times a day before food. And to children is more senior than ten years give 1/3 glasses three times a day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening). Chest collecting throughout all disease is drunk.

6. Unfortunately, any a set of herbs cannot be absolutely safe. Especially if children have a tendency to allergic reactions (itch, urticaria, skin rash). Therefore if you decided to apply chest collecting in treatment of the child, surely previously consult with doctors which will also help to pick up if necessary an individual compounding and the mode of reception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team