How to give to the child cod-liver oil

How to give to the child cod-liver oil

Cod-liver oil – the most useful product consisting of a set of minerals, valuable and necessary for development of a children's organism. It is one of the best sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids an omega-3. These valuable substances promote formation of tissues of brain and stimulation of intellectual development of the child. They interfere with a memory impairment and weak-mindedness, fight against symptoms of the diagnosis of deficiency of attention and hyperactivity. The main reason for which prescribe our children cod-liver oil is prevention of rickets.


1. Intake of cod-liver oil for the child – the whole test. Acquaint the kid with him as soon as possible. Children after a year are usually already very picky in tastes, and hardly you with ease will thrust in it for the first time such specific product. Most likely, the baby will spit out it in one second. The best solution of this problem is intake of medicine together with food, it is better in the middle of process. In this case the kid will not begin to drink cod-liver oil on a hungry stomach and will have an opportunity to jam it tasty food. In this situation as the main food apply fish to already grown up child: salmon, lake trout, herring, tuna or mackerel. Show to the child how to use cod-liver oil, on own experience. Suggest it to treat you with this product. Most likely, having become interested in process, the kid will want to try it also.

2. To children of a month about 3-5 drops of cod-liver oil are recommended to use inside, gradually increasing a dose up to 0.5-1 h a spoon a day. To children of a year 1 h a spoon in day, of two years – on 1-2 h a spoon, from three – one dessert boat a day is appointed. Kids are more senior than seven years have the dosage similar to the adult, and accept means on 1 tablespoon 2-3 times daily. Use cod-liver oil a course in 2-3 months. If necessary take a break for one month then repeat intake of medicine.

3. To more adult children capable to swallow of tablets, you can give cod-liver oil in capsules. Before intake of medicine carefully study the instruction. Capsules need to be used in time or after a meal, washing down with a small amount of liquid. Do not drink cod-liver oil on an empty stomach. You store medicines in the fridge.

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