How to give to the child dill water

How to give to the child dill water

Intestinal gripes usually develop at newborns on 4-5 week of life. This functional disorder of digestive tract is considered normal reaction of an organism of the kid to new living conditions out of a maternal womb. It is possible to alleviate suffering of the baby by means of dill water.

It is required to you

  • - dill water;
  • - fennel seeds;
  • - boiled water;
  • - gauze;
  • - capacity for water storage;
  • - teaspoon.


1. A basis for production of dill water is not fennel, but fennel, a plant very similar to fennel externally. To find this means happens quite difficult as dill water is made and on sale not in each pharmaceutical booth, and only in the specialized pharmacies which are engaged in own production of medicines. The period of storage of dill water is limited: at the room temperature it makes 3 days, in the fridge – it is no more than a week. Young parents can not always find time for regular visits of pharmacy.

2. It is possible to make dill water in house conditions. For this purpose buy dry seeds of fennel. Fill in 1 teaspoon of the crushed plant fruits with a glass of boiled water. Infuse solution about an hour, approximately until water does not become warmish. Accurately filter infusion through a gauze and merge it in a clean bottle or a jar. The prepared water needs to be stored in the fridge and to use within a day.

3. It is possible to give dill water to the newborn not more often than 3-4 times a day on 1 teaspoon. To facilitate to the kid medicine ingestion process, mix it with the decanted breast milk or add to a small bottle with the adapted dairy mix. After the first intake of dill water attentively study reaction of the kid to a new product. If on skin of the child the rash developed and sharply the nature of a chair changed, surely consult with the pediatrician.

4. An industrial analog of dill water is "Plantex". This modern means is also made on the basis of fennel fruits, and has a number of advantages before traditional dill water. "Плантекс" it is packed in bags which contents are only enough to be parted with warm water, and it is ready to the use. It is possible to fill intake of medicine from two-week age of the kid. An expiration date of this medicine quite long therefore future mom can get it for a children's first-aid kit in advance.

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