How to give to the child medicine

How to give to the child medicine

When the child is ill, it always leaves the mark in soul of parents. Sleepless nights, child's whims, heap of drugs. And so, about drugs. To what method parents only do not resort to force the child to swallow a tablet or mixture. With shouts and crying the child nevertheless receives the put "ration", and parents with fear expect the following drug intake. And it is possible to arrive and in a different way …

After visit of the pediatrician it is possible to tell the child about the one who such drugs. Even it is possible to write the tale of how the queen Tabletka wins against the whole hordes of microbes – mutants. Children like to ask questions. Use it. Tell in details about the appointed means: what cough medicine, what from a throat.

Drug intake has to take place strictly according to the instruction. And it is possible to wash down them only with boiled water. Otherwise there can be an unpleasant chemical reaction which will cause problems with health. Attentively study the instruction. On all questions do not hesitate to address the pediatrician.

If your baby is less than two years old, tablets it is necessary istoloch in powder which needs to be dissolved then in the sweetened water or compote. Never deceive the child. Colourfully painting what great taste at a tablet, you risk even more. The child just will not want to take any medicine. Neither sweet, nor bitter. Therefore, you speak as is.

In modern pharmacology for kids produce many different syrups with pleasant fruit taste which children ask still. You watch strictly small bottles, they have to be at height, and out of sight of the child. Do not allow the child to play with drugs at all. It can end is deplorable. Even vitamins.

Never give to the child of medicine by force, at the moment when he cries or goes into hysterics. He can choke, and will definitely not agree to the following drug intake. It is necessary to wait so far the child will calm down, and then by a game method it is possible to entice it.

The child after three years can buy children's doctor's set. During a disease you will perfectly spend time with the child, playing the doctor. Put dolls and show that they are sick too and give them a tablet (for fun, of course). Such games will acquaint your kid with contents of a doctor's small suitcase, will allow him to treat and not to be afraid of doctors. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team