How to give vitamin D to children

How to give vitamin D to children

For full and harmonious development of children they need to receive all set of vitamins. Each vitamin necessary for children influences different spheres of their health, and it is possible to distinguish the most important on which the general condition of an organism of small children depends from all complex of vitamins. Among such important vitamins there is a vitamin D which lack causes rickets. In the solar area children do not lack vitamin D which is synthesized under the influence of UV rays, but how to be to parents whose children do not receive enough sunlight?


1. Vitamin D contains in ultraviolet rays. For this reason radiation by ultraviolet is the best way of prevention of rickets at small children. Besides, parents have to include vitamin D in the child's food – it contains in milk, oil, yeast and also in special medicines and in cod-liver oil.

2. To the growing child's organism for the correct development of fabrics and a skeleton all products promoting synthesis of vitamin D in an organism are vital therefore parents have to pay special attention to introduction to a diet and a way of life of the child of his sources.

3. Besides, vitamin D increases the resilience of a children's organism to various diseases, promotes stability of nervous system, saves children from a bad dream.

4. Give to the child vitamin D of both vegetable, and animal origin. As often as possible give to the child the chance to be under sunshine, to acquire a tan, being at the same time in a shadow that on skin of the child the scattered ultraviolet fell. The physiotherapeutic centers of children irradiate with a quartz lamp.

5. Include in a diet of the kid caviar, butter, egg yolks, a liver of fat fishes (a cod, a tuna, a halibut) and also a liver of mammals. Cod-liver oil as was already told, is an important source of this vitamin, and it can be given to children in the form of capsules. Also you can use the factory medicines containing vitamin D.

6. Before giving to the child vitamin D, consult with his doctor regarding expediency of intake of vitamins not to cause their surplus and gipervitaminoz.

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