How to go by the train with the child of 1.5 years

How to go by the train with the child of 1.5 years

The trip by train can become a cheerful attraction or turn into torture for the child and parents. Everything depends on preparation for a long journey and the correct understanding that is long stay in almost closed space.

The trip with the small child by train - what type of placement to choose

Very often parents try to save and do not buy to the child the separate ticket. Really, up to 4-6 years (depending on the direction), the kid can go on one shelf with mom or dad according to the free travel coupon. But it is plus, except minimization of expenses, in this way of a travel in the train is not present. Regiments in cars very narrow, and it will be very difficult to take place together at night. Besides, children often change situation during sleep, and the movement can wake the adult. The trip will turn into a heavy sleepless marathon. Therefore if means allow, the child needs to acquire the separate ticket. The additional shelf is always useful even in order that it was possible to have a rest in the afternoon while the kid plays or draws.

The most comfortable type of placement in the train - St. On condition of purchase of two tickets - adult and children's, neighbors during a way will not appear. It is very convenient. Passengers are different, someone got used to read late, without turning off the light, someone drinks beer on a trip, someone smokes, constantly leaving to the platform and slamming the door. All this will prevent normal rest of the kid and parents. Therefore with a certain quantity of money, it is better to acquire tickets of SV or to redeem a compartment entirely.

What to take to the road

That it was not boring for the kid on a trip, it is necessary to get couple of new toys, the bright book, plasticine, felt-tip pens, an album in advance. It will help to occupy the child in breaks between a dream and food. Besides, small children very much like to watch the changing landscape outside the window. This occupation will also give the chance to parents a little to have a rest.

Except toys and set for creativity, it is worth taking care of food of the kid. If the road is long - of two days and more, perishable products - yogurts, chicken, cottage cheese, it is possible to use only in the first day. Two days they can remain only in a cooler bag. Then the child can be fed with children's porridges which are ready water from the heater near a compartment of the conductor. Also fruit - oranges, apples, bananas will approach. At stations it is possible to buy fresh bread. Besides, it is worth stocking up with tasty cookies - it long does not spoil and will become a great breakfast or an afternoon snack if to wash down it with juice or tea. Surely take care of hygiene of the kid. To take a shower in the train most often there is no opportunity. Therefore stock up with wet towel wipes, diapers, the absorbing diapers. Do not forget about several sets of replaceable clothes - children of one and a half years are very often soiled. Surely take a pot in the train if the kid is already disaccustomed to diapers. To go to the shared bathroom not really pleasantly, besides many cars are still not equipped with modern bio-conveniences, so for the period of stops (and they can be long) the treasured rooms are closed. And if adults can suffer, to the kid it is rather difficult. During long parking it is the best of all to go outside. It will provide to the kid new impressions, will give the chance to warm up muscles, will help to brighten up waiting time of departure of the train.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team