How to grow during the summer

How to grow during the summer

When there comes the long-awaited summer, children and teenagers, as a rule, leave the noisy and dusty city on rest. Someone - to the village, someone - to the resort, but the main desires of all children is similar: to have a rest and grow up properly. And, if with the first part of priorities more and more or less clear, then it is more difficult to realize the second.

It is required to you

  • Swedish wall,
  • chair with a back.


1. Conduct an active image the zhiznifizichesky activity promotes human height. It is possible to choose volleyball, the basketball, swimming is the most widespread sports for persons interested to grow. The indispensable condition – regular trainings, only then result will be positive. However you should not abuse classes – it can result in the return result and slow down growth.

2. Do special exercises for rostaodny of such exercises classes on a turnstile are. This method is in several times a day to approach a turnstile or the Swedish wall and to hang on outstretched arms or to be tightened within 15 minutes. This way to grow has as adherents who assure that it works, and by means of it it is possible to grow by 10-15 centimeters for several months, and ardent opponents who are sure that it does not give special effect, and the person for other reasons grows up. There are also other exercises. For example, rotation of a backbone. The head and a back are in one plane and rotate against the stop, legs remain motionless. To repeat turns in each party of 15-20 times. One more exercise is carried out on a chair. Having clasped with hands a chair back, try to reach a chin a stomach. Then the back becomes straight, and inclinations are made back, at the same time the nape has to reach for a back.

3. Use more vitamins and a mikroelementovn growth first of all vitamin A influences. Respectively, it is necessary to use more carrot, a liver, an egg yolk and cream. However this vitamin is oil-soluble therefore in order that it was well acquired, it is necessary to accept it together with fats. It is worth to remember also about vitamin D which is responsible for growth of bones. It is developed under the influence of sunshine, respectively, it is necessary to walk more. However it is not enough to organism therefore it is necessary to accept in addition a sardine, a salmon, cod-liver oil and milk. Vitamin B also is responsible for growth. It can be found in dry yeast, milk, nuts and the majority of vegetables. The "enemies" of this vitamin destroying it are alcohol, caffeine and thermal treatment. And, of course, the calcium which is contained in dairy products has a direct impact on growth. At a lack of this microcell it is considerable to increase growth it will be problematic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team