How to grow up eyelashes

How to grow up eyelashes

girl dreams to have long and dense eyelashes. But only some are able to afford such luxury, another needs only to be looked and admired. And why so? Long cilia can be grown up in house conditions, only for this purpose it is necessary to make a few efforts. Eyelashes it is possible to grow approximately in 4-8 weeks, but on the first week of use of means you will see positive result.

It is required to you

  • Oils: peach, olive, sea-buckthorn or oil from grape seeds, castoric, burdock.
  • Aloe juice, vitamin E and And. Cod-liver oil.


  1. For a start do massage century. Such massage improves rush of blood even in the smallest vessels that not only will help to grow up eyelashes, but also will slow down aging process. The essence of massage is that you take on finger-tips of a little olive oil and mass circular muscle around eye slow movements, beginning from internal corner, and to external corner. Then you close eyelids and you do by the fingers so as if you play the piano. You put the bent fingers on eyelids further and you try to open eyes under the closed centuries. It is the best of all to do such massage for the night.
  2. After massage apply oil for growth of eyelashes which can be made independently: in clean bottle from mascara pour oils, vitamins, also juice of aloe can approach. Best of all almond oil is suitable for growth of eyelashes, but also can approach peach, olive, sea-buckthorn or oil from grape seeds. It is impossible to leave castor and burdock oil for the night, since morning eyelids swell up, it is better to leave it on eyelashes for 2-4 hours.
  3. That oil became more effective to work, add to it solutions of vitamins A and E. Starightes that this structure has not got into eyes.
  4. Oils can be used as on one, and to mix them. The most high-speed structure: in equal quantities mix burdock, olive, almond oils and cod-liver oil. Add several drops of solution of vitamin A or E. Nanosit to oil such oil is necessary only for 2 hours, then to wash away warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team