How to grow up the child clever

How to grow up the child clever

For parents their kid is the best in the world. That he grew up clever, mom and dad should work much. Nobody denies importance of genetic inclinations, but the intelligence should be developed. Here without the aid of parents not to manage in any way.


1. The more parents communicate with the baby, the level of his intelligence is higher. Even if he almost does not understand anything yet, but his promptly developing brain catches information grains. Read to the kid aloud children's verses. When he becomes slightly more adult, begin to read books. At the same time show him pictures, explaining who on them is represented. Repeat it regularly. The child will remember soon that each picture means, and will enjoy very much reading.

2. When the kid learns to sit – begin to play together with him the developing games. Even the unpretentious designer, a pyramid, balls perfectly develop not only coordination of movements and fine motor skills of the child, but also his imagination. And the better the imagination works, the it is more than advantage for mind.

3. And here the kid started walking surely. From this point try to pay its attention to any interesting object. If you saw in the distance the bridge across the river, tell it for what it is constructed. For example, you can tell the following: "You see, on it cars, same as with what you play houses only they it is much more and heavier go".

4. If you went with the child to a zoo, ask it to describe some animal. Even if for a start it is the simplest description, for example, an elephant big, a tiger striped. Gradually, asking the specifying questions, achieve that the child added characteristic of animals, for example, an elephant gray, it has a long trunk. Such exercises very much develop memory and a lexicon.

5. In process of growing get more difficult games and also books coloring, plasticine, clay, etc. for the kid. Drawing and a molding very fruitfully influence development of the child. At the beginning delicately and unostentatiously help it. Remember that to a large extent depends on you what your child will grow up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team