How to grow up the child happy

How to grow up the child happy

To grow up the child happy is the most widespread dream of parents. All care for the kid, love him, but often make annoying mistakes which prevent the baby to become happy.


1. You love the child and try to prove it constantly. The caress is necessary for the kid, then he will not feel thrown and lonely, and in adulthood will not be frightened of the relations with an opposite sex, he is able to love and knows that it to be favourite.

2. Teach to trust the child. Parents need to become an example to the kid in everything, and never you should deceive the kid, if he notices once that he is deceived, he will not be able recklessly to trust the person any more. And if the person who deceived him the closest and native – mom? Then it will not be able in the principle to trust people, and it will be very heavy to get rid of it to it.

3. Give to the child the chance to independently look for problem solutions. It is necessary to begin with the birth of the child: upon purchase of a new toy you should not show to the child as it is necessary to play with it. Sooner or later the kid will find for it application, and it which not each adult will guess. In this case at the child creative thinking and own opinion will begin to develop that is very important.

4. Give to the kid the chance to enjoy life. You should not protect the child from all dangers which can trap him in our imperfect world. Time will come and it will be forced to face them, and without the corresponding preparation he will just become puzzled.

5. Give to the child the chance to independently solve problems. If the child wants to clean up independently? Well done. Is going to make a lunch? Way to go! Even if at the kid not everything turns out, parents need to praise him for so honourable rush constantly.

6. Give to the child the chance to live life. Often parents do not suspect that they interfere with happiness of own child when sincerely wish well to it. It happens when parents choose for the child institute, specialty, and some – also the partner in life. In this case parents realize the desires, and the child is out of work with the now pipe dreams.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team