How to grow up the child successful and happy

How to grow up the child successful and happy

All of us want that our child grew up really happy person. We represent whom will be our child when he was not born yet. We would like to impart to him love for music, sport or creativity. At the same time the main thing is not to forget that any child is an individual. Whoever was your child, the duty of parents is to bring up him so that he could become happy and successful in life, itself realized the abilities and talents.

 The most important – love

Never it is necessary to abuse the child. When you abuse him, let it know that it is bad. The child has to feel your love. If at the child the childhood is associated with the loving and careful parents, its self-assessment will not be underestimated. With a low self-assessment it is difficult for person to become happy. Do not condemn the kid, listen to him, you say that it is loved and important for you.  

Grant to the child option

Try to give to the child the choice when it is possible. Ask the child, for example, that he wants for dinner, bun or toasts. Offer it at choice two or three options. It will give to the child the chance to feel the importance and to develop the opinion.

 Communicate with the child

Even communicate with the most small child and discuss with him his feelings or thoughts in different situations. Prompt to him that in manifestation of emotions there is nothing reprehensible, and he will feel your support.  

Development since the birth

Since the birth it is necessary to develop the child according to age. Surely sing, dance, draw together with it. Watch it that attracts it more, and that less. Encourage it to be curious and inquisitive.


You adult and clever, and, of course, many affairs are given you better and quicker. But it is not an occasion to take away chance to become independent from the little man. Let it do some things not so ideally or not so quickly, but it is its way. Let makes mistakes, and then studies as them, it is not necessary to disturb it. You can direct it, only without criticism, and then the child will trust you and with your help will become the independent personality.

You teach responsibility

On own example show to the child that you do not make empty promises. But if you promised something, always keep this promise. Never frighten and do not abuse the small child for mistakes. Help it to get out of a difficult situation. Explain to him that he is responsible for the acts. Remember that each child comes to this world with true consciousness. Therefore everything that you will give to the child, will imprint in his soul.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team