How to grow up the happiest children: rules of education

How to grow up the happiest children: rules of education

Happiness is a huge advantage in our world. Happy people are more successful at work and in love. They have higher performance, have more prestigious work and earn higher salary. Such people have more chances to marry or marry, and having married or having married, they are more satisfied with the marriage.

Become happy

The first step fortunately kids as it is paradoxical, a little selfish. Your happiness cardinally influences that, your children are how happy and successful.

The research established significant connection between a depression of parents and negative emotions at their children. At the same time, happy parents with big degree of probability will grow up happy children.

As to become happier? Gather more often and you spend good time with the friends and family.

Teach them to build the relations

Nobody denies importance of good relations, but how many parents actually spend time for teaching children how to treat to people around?

It does not demand much. It is possible to begin with encouragement of children to make small acts of kindness and by that to build the relations. It not only trains them in necessary skills and does of them good people, but also in the long term does them happier.

Expect diligence, but not perfection

Parents who put emphasis on achievements more likely have children with the high level of a depression, uneasiness and abuse of toxic substances, in comparison with other children. You praise efforts, but not natural abilities.

Teach them to optimism

Do not you want your kid to grow up the gloomy teenager? Teach him to find in all a positive side. Ten-year-old children whom learn to think and interpret the world with optimism half are less inclined to a depression when they reach puberty.

Train them in self-discipline

The last step is training of children in self-discipline which is considered the main indicator of future success. It is even more, than intelligence or any other quality.

This step-by-step plan will help you to lay the foundation for emotional wellbeing of your children. Let they will be happy!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team