How to grow up the obedient child

How to grow up the obedient child

Education – a thing subjective. There are no certain rules of training and development of the child therefore all children grow up different, with the outlooks on life, with unlike characters and personal understanding that it is good and what is bad. It is not given since the birth, and takes root in the course of education. The modern pedagogics changed, education methods too. How to raise obedient children?

Never it is definitely impossible to be sure that the concrete method of education is ideal and yields absolute result. It's not true. In everyone there is the error. Everything depends even not on a method, and on how parents use it. Everything is learned in practice, and so far parents will not check a technique practically, it is impossible to say that theoretically certain method of education is good.

The first method – totalitarian. Parents since childhood let know to the child who main in family. Initially the child does not know that it is necessary to obey seniors. It does not happen! At totalitarian approach to education the parent, can be in a rigid form, has to explain to the child that parents are the main people and they should obey. It is necessary to explain what happens for disobedience and so on. This rigid method is used for small children when they only begin to understand how it is correct to behave at home. When it understands that parents should obey, it is possible to soften an education heat. At the same time you should not limit will of the kid. The totalitarian method consists only in obedience of the child, but not in control of each its step. This fine line needs to be felt.

Method opposite to it - a praise and democracy. In different textbooks on education and pedagogics it is called differently. Its essence that it is necessary to make friends with the child and by means of friendship to convince that it is necessary to obey parents. And, children need to be praised. When parents praise children, they produce happiness hormone, and kids are ready to make a lot of things that parents praised them again. However here it is easy to turn education into a race behind a praise.

In article two opposite methods of education of children are considered. Ideally, it is possible "to play by these methods". For example, in the early childhood it is rigid to explain that it is necessary to obey seniors, and already when the child understood it, to try to make friends and praise with it. At the correct approach to use of these methods, the child has to learn to obey or, at least, to respect seniors and parents. However, so in the theory, and in practice everything leaves differently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team