How to grow up the responsible child

How to grow up the responsible child

There are many materials training to the correct education of children, but there is no universal formula which would suit all children. Anyway, parents always have to know about how to bring up the child. We offer you 7 councils for education of the responsible child.


1. You love it. Daily you say to the child that you love him. It is quite possible that first they will not tell you the same words in reply, but this temporary phenomenon. There will pass some time, and the child will remember your words and will understand how strongly you love it. If the child to do something not so, emphasize that all of you equally him love. You tell it words even then when his behavior was not good.

2. Be not afraid to set restrictions. Yes, parents have to be for the children friends, but always remember that you are, first of all, parents, and you are responsible for the child. Refuse to the child if something is not pleasant to you, and take a firm position.

3. Occupy the child with something. To children training in various youth circles and also visit of the organizations and groups does well. All these youth organizations will also teach the child to think of others and will show him remarkable various life.

4. Emphasize importance and value of family. The child has to feel that he is necessary. Tell him that your family is one amicable and solid team. Encourage the aspiration of children to spend time in the bosom of the family.

5. Force the child to help you. The child has to be rather independent for the age, that is it has to be able to wash, for example, the dishes, to direct cleaning in the apartment or to wash things. If you teach the child to care for yourself and to keep a household under control, you thereby will render him invaluable service. Do not recede if the child begins to be capricious or complain. It will be extremely useful not to limit the child to those tasks which he has to carry out anyway.

6. Respect the choice of the child. Be realists: your children will never become your copies and ideals whom you dream to bring up. They will not think, speak and act just as you. For this reason you should not criticize their preferences in clothes, a hairstyle or music. Teenagers, of course, for you will always be children, but they want that treated them, as to adults. Give them freedom of choice if it is about temporary desire. For example, if your child wanted to recolour hair in blue or red color. You remember – hair all the same will grow.

7. You speak with the child about possible consequences. Your child has to realize that you will eternally not care for him. Try to explain him importance of education after which completion it is possible to get prestigious job. In other words, prove to the child that all his actions in the present, anyway, will affect the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team