How to grow up the son in incomplete family

How to grow up the son in incomplete family

Dreams to grow up from the boy of the true gentleman and the real man most of women. Often, the lack of an example of courage - the father can become the main obstacle in a way to a dream. You should not mourn about it, all of you still can meet the love. And it is possible to grow up the son in incomplete family, and many women already managed it.


1. Be honest with the son. It is possible to explain the reasons of absence of dad when the child is three years old. According to psychological researches, at this age there is a formation own "I", and children already understand a lot of things. Select phrases from words available to the child. The feature of children's perception is that they live in the present - here, today, now. Therefore do not send the child in uncertainty a phrase: "When you will grow up, you will understand me".

2. You do not hurry to play two roles at once, switching from a morning make-up to elements of goalkeeper art in soccer. First of all, you have to be a woman. And the uncle, the grandfather or friends can play soccer with the child. Your enthusiasm for similar sport can be an exception when you neprotiv to run about behind a ball in the yard in cut-offs.

3. The same concerns assistance in life. Be not afraid to load the child with small household classes. For example, ask to carry one of packages of products (what is easier certainly) to an apartment door. Avoid mandative tone: "Help me, and that I was tired!". Use a game element better: "Let's play a game: who the first will lift a package on our floor?". Surely you praise the boy, using phrases: "My assistant!", "Thanks for the help!", "You at me, turn out, already such big", "You are the real gentleman!", etc.

4. Write down the son on men's sports: karate, boxing, soccer, etc. But be not limited to it, develop it comprehensively. Listen to the child. Perhaps, he likes to play the guitar or to train to the logician in chess. Anyway, consult on the son before choosing for him some courses.

5. Focusing attention on education of courage, you do not stint manifestation of caress. If you see that the child rasshib a knee also began to cry, it is not necessary to humiliate him with a phrase: "Men do not cry!". Still as cry. Just hide it from strangers. Explain to the boy that in life there is anything, and he has to learn to distinguish when it is possible to give vent to emotions and when it is impossible.

6. Bringing up the son, be not dissolved in him, forgetting about the desires. The boy will grow up and will start the family, and you can remain alone, without having felt women's happiness. Dare time to leave in a week the son on care of the nurse or grandmother and with pleasure make something for yourself: visit day spa, go on a date, call friends at cinema or theater. Mom is the first sample of the woman for the boy. Its attitude towards women in the future depends on what you will be.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team