How to have a rest with the child in Egypt

How to have a rest with the child in Egypt

The resorts of Egypt perfectly are suitable for rest with children because of excellent conditions of accommodation and huge choice of entertainments. In most hotels there are pools, playgrounds and animators. To children big Egyptian aquaparks and the wonderful Red Sea will forever be remembered. It is only necessary not to forget that such rest has a number of features - climatic conditions of this country considerably differ from the Russian.

It is required to you

  • - Sun-protection spray,
  • - sunglasses;
  • - headdress;
  • - t-shirt with long sleeves for the beach;
  • - first-aid kit.


1. The main thing the danger is a scorching sun. Its activity can quickly lead to solar burns. Therefore in the first days try to protect the child from the open sun. On the beach choose plank beds with an umbrella, dress the kid in light t-shirts with long sleeves. Do not forget a headdress, it is desirable with wide fields, and goggles. Sun-protection means for children has to have the high level of protection — from 20 and above. If the kid adores bathing and spends in water much time, apply him before bathing special moisture resistant protective cream. These means begin to protect not at once therefore it is necessary to put them in 20 minutes prior to an exit to the sun.

2. The second danger of tropical countries is connected with food. The low-quality products which lay too long on a buffet or the use of tap water can be the causes of indigestion. Some sea products and unfamiliar fruit can cause allergies in children. Problems with digestion even because of variety of dishes are probable. Therefore, you feed the kid with familiar dishes and you watch that the child did not overeat. Wash hands before food and you brush teeth only bottled water. Take the absorbing medicines and other indigestion medicines from the house.

3. Despite hot climate, many children in the resorts of Egypt catch a cold. Do not allow to come right after bathing into cool numbers with the working conditioner. In this case cold is guaranteed. Let the child at first will well get warm in the sun. Do not allow to drink ice water and to abuse ice cream on a heat.

4. Before a trip create a good first-aid kit. Surely take burns, indigestion, headache, allergy medicines, temperatures. Do not forget bandage, cotton wool and antiseptics.

5. One more danger of the beach, they will protect the child's legs. Explain to the child that it is impossible to touch any sea inhabitants, they can be poisonous. To absolutely small children to swim much more safely in paddling pools.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team