How to help the baby at gripes

How to help the baby at gripes

Intestinal gripes – a frequent problem for babies and their mummies. It is connected with the fact that intestines of the kid just learn to work, gases accumulate in it and cause severe pain. Especially strongly boys firstborns have gripes. In this article many methods and receptions which can be used at gripes are collected.


1. Diet mamyeto controversial point. But if your kid suffers with gases, a sin not to try to refuse for some time certain products in the diet (if you nurse, certainly), which cause excessive gas generation: peas, beans, grapes. You should not eat fat and fried, it gives additional load of a weak liver of the kid that in turn can lead to problems with digestion.

2. Before feeding put the kid on a tummy, and later take vertically, having allowed to srygnut the swallowed air. During sucking of a breast the baby inevitably takes air which should be produced after a meal. You watch that the kid took a breast correctly, and not just a nipple. Then it will take less air. If you have doubts whether correctly the child takes a breast, invite the consultant for chest feeding.

3. Massage of a stomach clockwise strelkemassazh very much helps, but it is necessary to do it regularly and long. Thanks to massage the intestines vermicular movement also amplifies, and gases depart more simply.

4. The special preparatypreparata helping withdrawal of gases from intestines of the kid have to contain simetikon (Espumizan, Sab-simplex, Bobotik). These medicines differ on concentration of active ingredient therefore the dosage can be different, but the principle of action one. Still they contain different fragrances which can cause allergies. Itself simetikon is not soaked up in intestines and is safe for the baby. It is necessary to apply medicine with simetikony regularly, during the day, then by the evening (when gases especially much) it will help with intestines. From single application the effect will not be.

5. A warm diaper or a hot-water bottle on zhivotrekomenduy to get a salt hot-water bottle of the small size. The hot-water bottle in a diaper should be put to a tummy of the kid, it helps to reduce pain at once. If there is no hot-water bottle, it is possible to iron a dense diaper and to put it. A way very simple, but, believe, effective.

6. Water in quality a pityavodichka strengthens an intestines vermicular movement that helps withdrawal of gases and a regular chair. But the kid it is necessary to accustom to drink water. It is better to do it from a tea spoon. If to give a small bottle to strongly small child, he can refuse a breast. Some children refuse to drink water. Therefore – try.

7. FenhelPrimenenie of teas or medicines with fennel (Plantex, for example) too a disputed issue. Someone says that fennel, someone – helps that it helps, as well as just water. Tea from fennel very fragrant so not each child will agree to drink it. Besides the medicine Plantex contains lactose, in certain cases it can strengthen gripes. So be attentive, observe reaction of the kid to medicine.

8. The dietary supplements helping to adjust digestion a rebenkanaprimer, Lactase baby (contains the enzyme helping to split protein of maternal milk) and primadofilus (bifidobacteria). Better before their application to consult with the doctor. There are special analyses helping to define whether is enough at the kid of all enzymes or bacteria in intestines. By experience it is noticed that as soon as began to drink bifidobacteria, the chair of the kid got better, and gripes became much less.

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