How to help the child at a teething

How to help the child at a teething

Any mummy of the kid of the first year of life faces a problem of eruption of the first teeth of the baby. The child becomes whimsical, uneasy, temperature sometimes rises. To help the kid, it is possible to use some methods.


1. For a start try to rub valeryana tincture in gums of the kid to reduce by some time of naggers of gums. At valerian very pleasant taste, but a pungent and unpleasant smell. Give to the child periodically about 6 drops, not on a constant basis.

2. Infusions of such products as a root of a burdock and a zvezdchatka, will help tooth to come to light. It is necessary to rub mix of these infusions in that place where tooth just about will seem.

3. For anesthesia of teeth of the child let's gnaw to it backs of chicory or a wild strawberry. Also roots of these plants will help to scratch gums to the baby.

4. For reduction of pain at eruption also clove oil helps. Only it is necessary to rub it in the diluted look concerning 1.5:1 together with one of oils of sunflower, an olive or almonds.

5. Temporarily chewing of the wet cooled gauze or new toothbrush for the kid of 0 years will help to lower a toothache.

6. Camomile tea will help the child to overcome a toothache. It is necessary to allow the baby to drink it at the rate of 1-2 teaspoons. And camomile oil which you will rub in skin of cheeks of the baby will reduce the naggers.

7. One more means in the help of a teething is massage of gums of the baby by means of the mother's finger which is wrapped up in fabric and moistened in soda solution in a proportion 1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water.

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