How to help the child from a dysfunctional family

How to help the child from a dysfunctional family

Children – our future, and the correct education has to be a priority of each family. Often problems come when the harmony between parents begins to fall.

Family trouble as social problem

Family – the social cell of society fastened with love and trust, the general values and children. Very difficult and hard it is necessary if the family cracks when views and the interests of adults face because of the conflicts and quarrels because of material problems and other difficulties. The living standards of family fall, adults lead an immoral and immoral life, forgetting that near them the vulnerable and not created children's organisms. Parents, sometimes, use force and ill treatment, burn children's grants and enjoy accidental earnings, theft and crash, bright future of the child under the threat reigns in such vulnerable family. In family there are no moral concepts of kindness and love, the trust is brought to naught, the child as if in pack of wolves as Mowgli who should survive in local conditions.

 Social and pedagogical rehabilitation of children

Complex work on work with dysfunctional families where experts by means of rehabilitation forms will help to normalize climate is necessary. The first social model of the help is a maintenance, that is a complex of actions which creates to the individual favorable conditions for a solution together with it and also minimization of negative consequences on the child. Maintenance includes conversations with children which are socially not protected, a round of their residence, contact with parents has to be kept.

Social counseling is called the help to the individual who feels discomfort in integration into society and badly interacts with the relatives and relatives. The main objective of consultation is in that the individual took a detached view of himself and realized all the acts and behavior, the correct courses, drew the correct conclusions together with the psychologist, changed the actions and temper.

An important role in social rehabilitation is played by children's clubs. Having got to it, the child has the right for self-development and search of new friends. Teachers are called to help parents to raise children, to help them to interact with collective and also to take active part in life of club. Giving to children more independence and responsibility in the childhood, it is possible not to worry about correctness of adoption of their decisions in the future.

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