How to help the child it is good to study at school: high school

How to help the child it is good to study at school: high school

In high school the child stops being the child for a long time, this is already the teenager who has the opinion and the hobbies. But even it is impossible to cease to motivate the child to study at school at this time. High school is the most responsible period, and ahead also final examinations. Therefore seniors also need the parental help and support in study.


1. Good luck is a result of own efforts. It is important that the senior understood that good luck or failure depend only on him, but not on a case, luck or teachers. The child has to be able to be proud of the achievements and talents and also to be able to recognize mistakes.

2. Not to be afraid of examinations. Final examinations at school is a serious test for any child. Parents can quite aggravate this situation if place emphasis on result all the time, to repeat that "if you badly hand over - you will not arrive anywhere". Try to reduce uneasiness of the child, take an interest in his feelings and experiences. Tell how took examinations.

3. Knowledge of. Very often children at teenage age go into extremes: or cram lessons before loss of pulse, or, on the contrary, do nothing. Parents have to help the child to understand themselves. Help it to understand in what way information is acquired. Perhaps, at the child the visual memory is more developed, or he better perceives information aurally. Perhaps, it is easier for it to acquire the text in large volumes, and maybe by small parts.

4. In addition, it is necessary to help the child to decide on the choice of profession and institute. It is impossible to solve at all for the child where it will arrive. The child has to choose the way even if its choice not too is pleasant to you.

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