How to help the child not to be afraid of the stomatologist?

How to help the child not to be afraid of the stomatologist?

Often parents perceive a visit of their child to the dentist as the usual fact. They consider that in preliminary preparation there is no need.

Little patients, as a rule, have sensation of fear not before the doctor. They are frightened by manipulations of the stomatologist in the course of survey and treatment.

Children are frightened by all unknown. They do not understand that it is necessary to them whether it will be sore who will provide them protection.

The office of the doctor is absolutely new place in which a lot of unknown is hidden. And if this new, then it for certain dangerous.

How to help the child not to be afraid of the dentist from the earliest age?

Since early years the child needs to impart care of his teeth. He has to observe hygiene of a mouth and visit the dentist in due time.

With approach of three-year age the child more often says – I, speaking thus about the independence. Seize this moment. Offer it a game: let it will clean teeth to a favourite toy, then – mom, and then and itself(himself). When the kid ripens for role-playing games, try to play with him the stomatologist: it is possible to count teeth in a mouth, touching them a small spoon, examine with the child his teeth in a manual mirror, light to it a small small lamp.

Such games will allow the child absolutely without fear to perceive various manipulations in a mouth, it will begin to treat more adequately the events, and he will not be frightened any more by the uncertainty expecting in an office of the dentist.

And what to do in case the child is hurt by tooth or a gum and he very much is afraid to go to the doctor? Treat future procedure creatively and try to play with the child in advance at home in the doctor and the unhappy patient that the little coward ceased to worry.

Fear can be overcome easily only through children's curiosity: the good children's stomatologist will always manage to interest the kid – will show the tools, will allow the child to play with them, most to choose the pleasant color for a seal. And of course, will be able to inform the child that it is necessary to come here again and to finish treatment.

Several advice which will help to make so that your kid was afraid of visit of the stomatologist less:

  • You should not frighten the child by the fact that if he refuses to clean teeth, then it will end with need of a visit to the stomatologist.
  • It is impossible to start conversations about that at the child, to treat how painfully teeth.
  • It is important that the road to stomatology was not too tiresome. Choose medical institution in close proximity to the house.
  • You do not hurry to cure several teeth at one time: the child will not remain sitting long in a chair and for fatigue will begin to be capricious.
  • Surely encourage the child. You say that you will be with it in an office of the doctor nearby and you will help if it is necessary.
  • Stop the choice on the good nursery of specialized clinic. It is the best of all to choose the dentist according to the recommendation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team