How to help the child to adapt with kindergarten

How to help the child to adapt with kindergarten

This one of the most important questions which disturbs many parents. Change of a habitual situation and regime of the kid spending at home with mom the most part of time will negatively affect mentality of the child.

To reduce stress level, parents need to help the child to adapt in kindergarten. The period of adaptation of children depends on character and age of the child, and normal lasts from one and a half weeks to three months. If after three months the child negatively reacts to visit of kindergarten, most likely, it is necessary to ask for the help the psychologist. Diseases of the child prolong the adaptation period. After recovery the kid should get used to kindergarten again. To accelerate adaptation process the first that should be made is to tell about kindergarten why there drive children and that it will do there. Draw the attention of the child that in kindergarten he will be without mom and without dad which will surely come for it.

In the first day of visit of a garden tell the tutor what the child loves and that is not present. If the kid badly talks, tell how he asks for a toilet.

At first do not leave the child in a garden for the whole day, gradually increase stay time for one hour. When the child treats calmly that come behind him after a lunch, it is possible to try to leave it to sleep in a garden. Ask the tutor to call if the kid cries. It is possible again to try to leave him later to sleep in a garden. Only this time warn the tutor that it is necessary to call you only if the child awakes with the crying other children. When the kid gets used to sleep in a garden, it can be taken away after an afternoon snack. Gradually coming for it later and later. In the morning when you conduct the child in a garden, try to distract it stories about something interesting. Having brought the child, quickly change clothes of him, bring to group and you leave. If to do all listed manipulations long, then the kid can have a hysterics. And not each mom will sustain plaintive requests of the child not to leave his one. You ask the child to tell, than he was engaged with whom he played what classes what games played were. Lead to help the kid to tell about how he spent time in a garden. Surely you praise the kid, it is not dependent on that he cried or not. Tell him that now it big, goes to a garden, and this very responsible occupation. It is possible to compare the kid to dad who goes to work. Parents have to not only help the child to adapt in kindergarten, but also to create the quiet atmosphere in the house, to protect his nervous system from strong emotions. Try to avoid the excess conflicts with the child during the adaptation period: it is less it to abuse, not to punish. After you took away the child from kindergarten, walk with it, talk on abstract subjects. If there is desire, the child can buy something as encouragement, for example: juice or something sweet. Only be attentive and do not spoil the kid.

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