How to help the child to adjust to a new day regimen

How to help the child to adjust to a new day regimen

Long summer school break promotes disaccustoming of an organism of the child from a strict daily routine. As result, from the beginning of academic year many children have difficulties with entry into the new mode. Attentive and careful parents can help the child to transfer the period of adaptation to school most without serious consequences.

During the adaptation period the child anew gets used to early awakenings, long stay on classes and to performance of tasks after school. Parents have to show considerable keenness and care at this time, the best option of the help in this situation is to pass the difficult period of adaptation together with the child.

Begin preparation by academic year in August – review, gradually change a free day regimen, anew accustoming the school student to go to bed earlier and earlier to rise.

At the beginning of academic year you do not hurry the child, do not abuse him for carelessness, do not force to study lessons with a great effort. Consider that the average time period of adaptation to school depends on age of the pupil. For pupils of elementary school it makes about one and a half months, for 5-6 graders – one month, for pupils of 7-11 classes – 2-3 weeks. Take care of that during adaptation to school to lower various loads of children's mentality. Limit watching TV and computer games in a day regimen of the child, take care of his sufficient stay in the fresh air, provide it a balanced diet with a large amount of vitamins. The dream of the pupil has to have duration not less than 8-9 hours a day. If the problem of adaptation concerns the first grader, then it is necessary to show special patience and understanding. Make the most favorable day regimen for the child, you teach the little school student to the correct relation to failures, awaken in it the aspiration to cope better and better with study. Good preparation for the school mode is visit by the kid of kindergarten. The first academic year is not only the most difficult, but also the most responsible. Whether parents will manage to maintain cognitive interest of the child whether will contribute to the development of his independence – progress of the school student in study in the following classes directly depends on it.

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