How to help the child to be adjusted for study

How to help the child to be adjusted for study

Often children, especially younger school age after summer vacation cannot be adjusted for study in any way. They badly perceive the teacher's explanations, cannot cope with homeworks. Dissatisfied parents accuse school students of laziness, of unwillingness to work and make efforts.

To small children because of their physiological and psychological features, it is very difficult to sit not movably in place, without talking and without distracting. For them it is the real torture. And even on change you will not run about plainly, you will not warm up: it is immediately straightened out, will demand not to play pranks, not to rustle. And if at the same time explanations of the teacher are boring and unclear, then about what spirit for study in general can there be a speech? Instinctive rejection of it often leads to unwillingness to study.

Parents in such situation should behave reasonably. Not to accuse the child of laziness and especially not to punish, and to try to help him. There are several easy ways to adjust the kid on the fact that study – business serious, and it is necessary to treat it responsibly.

Do not turn the requirement of the serious relation to study and receiving good marks into any obsession. Be not irritated, do not abuse the child, you speak about everything that is connected with study, quietly and kindly. Encourage him if he is not in good spirits. The kid has to know and feel that he is still dear to mom and dad no matter how there are affairs in school. Organize a school corner so that to the child it was convenient and comfortable to perform homeworks. Pay special attention to the correct illumination of its workplace. Remember that one of the main reasons of the cool relation to study – feeling of overfatigue. Therefore organize the correct day regimen of the school student. Alternate doing homework to rest. Whenever possible walk with the child in the fresh air more. You watch that its berth was convenient, and the room is well aired before going to bed. Quietly, unostentatiously explain to the child for what those rules of conduct at school which irritate him are established, seem unnecessary and tiresome. Helping the child to do homework, try not to be irritated, not to release venomous comments on his mental capacities if he is mistaken. Your criticism has to be quiet and benevolent.

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