How to help the child to become really adult and to be responsible for the acts

How to help the child to become really adult and to be responsible for the acts

 Parents are often guilty that the baby bird will not take off from a nest in any way. The only good reason for which children can remain on providing parents — a heavy illness. All the rest only excuses. Therefore if the son or the daughter sat up on your neck, the rigidity will be required. But it for the good, only this way the child will be able to become really adult and to be responsible for the acts.

Ideal conditions

It is known that the person  begins to do something when he needs it. For now all necessary is: the room, food, convenient furniture, pocket money, clothes why to it to try?

That the big child since did not turn into "parasite", confident that mom and dad to it always have to (to find a job, to buy the apartment, to help money), it is time to begin to enter inconveniences into life of the beloved child. Set conditions that from now on it has to bring money in the family budget and pay the expenses. Or take in kind — let is engaged in housework. It to very few people will be pleasant, and soon your child will find a job.

Parental hyper guardianship

In the childhood to it wiped a nose, tied boots and spoon-fed even then when the child quite could cope with it. And now changed little. Many parents consider that without them daughters and sonnies to a step cannot step. And will step — will so surely do mistakes. The aspiration to hyper guardianship often comes true what in "the childhood was given short".

Baby bird it is time to teach to fly. Otherwise over time the child will turn into the disturbing, all afraid neurotic. Define for him and yourself time during which it will pass at first to partial, and then to full providing. It can take about half a year. During this time inform the child how many money leaves for its needs, agree about that how many he will pay. If so far it is necessary to give it money, demand the report on expenditure.

Fear to become unnecessary

Parents can say as much as necessary about how to them bothered to pull on itself the child, but in practice everything is supported so that the situation remained. Money is thrown up, grooms and brides are recognized as unworthy. Because so far it with them dad and mom find themselves necessary.

Release the child in free floating, otherwise there is a risk that — of work and in private life in the future he can accuse you of all the failures. Besides, pay attention and to yourself, be beyond guardianship of main "project" of life: find pleasant hobby — become the inveterate theater-goer, begin to sew, knit, grow up decorative flowers.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team