How to help the child to become self-assured

How to help the child to become self-assured

Most of parents very much loves the children. They want their children normally to develop, diligently studied, visited various sports sections, were ill less, were successful in life. Therefore mothers and fathers are surprised when it brings home bad notes, costs on changes away from the peers, it has problems with communication. Teachers at school of nothing good and bad tell about it, so a middling, it is good that does not misbehave and is fine. He begins to feel unnecessary, confused. How to help the child to become self-assured?


1. Children first of all have to be sure that they are loved, appreciate them. For example, relatives know that the son or the daughter are always capable to help the old woman to cross the street.

2. All say that the child should be praised more often. The praise is a powerful incentive of education of children and creation of self-reliance at them.

3. Some dad and mom praise for talent and the achieved result, others for diligence, the third for persistence and the spent efforts.

4. It is noted, the child who is praised for talent very much is afraid to make a mistake. And if it is praised for persistence and by the made efforts, he is more self-assured. At the kid who is praised for diligence and persistence receives more often good result when it is necessary to perform a difficult task.

5. But it is only one of all methods of education. Love, participation and care of relatives the praise will not replace. Only parents can develop qualities and abilities of the kid which will allow it to become the confident person.

6. It is important to show to the child that ideal people do not exist in the world. The kid has to know that everyone has the right for a mistake. These are parents can show even on own examples. In our life only those people who do nothing seldom make mistakes.

7. Teach the child to transfer vital failures with firmness. Just force to believe him in the opportunities. Let it know that you will always be a support to it, and he will be able to ask you about the help at any time. At the same time it is important that the kid learned to accept parental support also.

8. Show how it is possible to put and realize before itself really feasible purposes. Develop at it ability to behave.

9. Tell on examples as it is possible to show persistence in achievement of the goal. All this to allow your children to be self-assured and to move ahead successfully in life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team