How to help the child to begin to speak

How to help the child to begin to speak

Already since the birth the kids begin to make the first sounds in the form of crying. Further, approximately in two months children begin to babble, say the first sound combinations. Gradually these sound combinations pass into the short words ""dad"", ""mom"", ""woman"". In a year at the child the lexicon in the form of short simple words, approximately on 10 pieces has to be created. Somewhere in one and a half years the kid has to say already short offers from two words, and in two years the child can correctly decline words and say more compound sentences.


1. Speech development depends not only on specific features of the kid, but also on parents. In order that the child began to speak correctly, with him it is necessary to be engaged, communicate, read books, to pay as much as possible to him attention.

2. It is necessary to speak with children from the first days of his life. He can not understand word meanings yet, but will catch your intonation.

3. It is not necessary to lisp with the child. Talk to him correctly, as to the adult. Already at this stage it is possible to put competent pronunciation of words and offers.

4. For formation of the speech it is very important to give classes in development of motility of hands with the child. For example, to play finger-type games, drawing, the molding, collecting of a pyramid - all this well affects motility of hands.

5. During the games, on walk, before going to bed, at any time of wakefulness it is necessary to talk to the child, to describe the and his actions surrounding objects and things as they are called for what they are necessary. All this is gradually put in the head of the kid and further will help to start talking.

6. Surely in a day regimen of remains time for reading books has to be allowed. Very well children perceive aurally short verses. Therefore, besides toys it is necessary to buy couple of books with bright pictures which will attract even more its interest.

7. To help the kid to begin to speak it is possible to add occupation articulation gymnastics. For example, to ask the child to inflate cheeks as though he inflates a ball. It is possible to play animals, for example, to represent an elephant: to extend lips a tubule and to represent as he drinks water, to tut-tut as though the horse runs. It is possible to try to represent an engine which hoots: to extend lips a tubule and to say a sound ""at"", to ask the kid to represent the steamship which hoots: to slightly open a mouth and to say a sound ""y"".

8. All classes with children have to be in playful way. Otherwise you will beat off to it all interest, both to reproduction of the speech, and to the further developing classes which are very important in life of children in any age category.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team