How to help the child to cope with allergic dermatitis

How to help the child to cope with allergic dermatitis

Unfortunately, an allergy at children now at all not a rarity. How to help the child to cope with manifestations of allergic dermatitis?


1. First of all it is necessary to see a doctor. And meanwhile as much as possible to exclude any allergens.

2. It is possible to exclude food allergens, having limited a diet boiled on water without salt, sugar and oil, rice and potatoes. It is recommended to adhere to this diet within 24 - 72 hours. Along with it to give during the day instead of drinks regidron, divorced in water in calculation: contents of one bag on one liter of water. To alternate regidron with polisorby, divorced in water in calculation one tablespoon of powder on one liter of water. Approximately on 50 milliliters of solution of a polisorb or a regidron for reception. Also together with a diet and adsorbent the intake of antihistaminic medicine is recommended. It will be recommended by the doctor or the pharmacist.

3. Allergic dermatitis can be shown not only under the influence of food allergens. Reaction to household chemicals, dust, children's cosmetics, a forage for small fishes, hair of pets and so on is also probable. Carefully clean all carpets, it is better to remove them at all for the period of treatment or to clean the vacuum cleaner a minimum twice a day. Daily do damp cleaning. Remove all soft toys which have property to save dust. Also get rid of all toys which may contain toxic substances. It is easy to distinguish such toys on a strong smell of plastic, chemicals. As a rule, it is cheap toys of doubtful quality.

4. Replace a grade of laundry detergent and children's cosmetics. These products, even with a mark ""hypoallergenic"", can cause strong manifestations of allergic dermatitis. Try to limit communication of the child with pets. Do not allow to touch bird's cages, you do not feed small fishes in the presence of the child.

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