How to help the child to cope with shyness

How to help the child to cope with shyness

The shyness is inherent in many children. It is not necessary to confuse it with modesty which is generally merit of the personality. The shyness can pass by itself with age or to be a part of character. The task of parents is to help in every possible way the kid and to try to correct shortcoming of this sort.


1. First of all parents should not show the concern, it can badly work on the baby.

2. It is necessary to protect the child from fear not to cope with something. The uncertainty quite often also results in shyness. Its self-assessment goes down, and he is often not capable to estimate the forces adequately.

3. If all the time to remind the child of his shortcomings, then he will believe in them and will not be able to get rid of them.

4. It is necessary to exclude situations when the child is afraid not to meet expectations of adults. Even if it occurred, it is not necessary to show the disappointment, just it is necessary to support the child. Support from parents – is important for children.

5. Constant reading morals and, especially, desire to shame the child, will not lead to anything good.

6. Excessive pressure upon the child will only aggravate a situation. Often it also results in shyness.

7. It is necessary to set the child a good example of sure communication with people around.

8. The thicket should "organize" such situations when the child feels more relaxed and self-assured. Situations which will lift its self-assessment.

9. If after all some problems are present, it is not necessary to dramatize, and, especially, to reproach the child, to force it to feel guilty.

10. To train confidence it will turn out only gradually therefore it is necessary to stock up with patience.

11. An open and sincere talk with the child, pieces of good advice will always do it good and will help to cope with the problems.

12. Thus, it is possible to cope with shyness, the main thing is to work correctly. Everything depends in this case on parents who have to approach a situation reasonably. The age shyness can independently pass, but if matter in character, then the child has to be helped. The above-stated recommendations will help to cope with it. Just take these councils into account, and your child will be always grateful to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team