How to help the child to cope with the feelings?

How to help the child to cope with the feelings?

Education of children - hard work. It becomes especially heavy to parents when the child is capricious, asks impossible, is angry, etc. How it is correct to react to negative emotions to help the child to master them? How to share emotions of the kid? We learn to listen to the children correctly.


1. Always thoughtfully listen that is told you by the child. To silly demand from him sincerity with you if before you constantly inattentively listened to it. It is simple to be uttered - often helps also adults. So why not to try to be silent sympathetically, listening to the child? Important not only to say: ""I listen to you"", but really to do it. Turn facing the child. It is desirable that your eyes were at one level. Switch off the TV and music that prevented the child to tell nothing.

2. You do not hurry to ask questions and to give advice. At first divide with the child of his feeling. You remember the golden rule: the grief divided with someone becomes less, and happiness - is more. Instead of questions it is better to use such expressions as: ""yes?" ", " "hm"... "wow!"" and to that similar. Perhaps, the child does not need your council at all, and can find a way out while he tells it to you.

3. It is not necessary to deny feelings of the child at all. Allow it to be upset, be angry, take offense. Stop yourself in desire to tell: "do not cry", "stop", "you behave silly", etc. The more you just try to banish negative experiences of the child, the stronger he will be upset. Instead, help the child to define and call the emotions: "" it is awful!"", ""to you it is really sad"". When the child hears the name of what he feels, it becomes easier for it; he feels that you understood it and accepted.

4. If the child demands something impossible at present, lay logical arguments aside. Better recognize desire of the child (""I very much would like right now us to have candies""). Well in such cases helps to dream up: what would be if desire of the child was granted right now. For example: ""would be cool if I was a magician and could conjure the huge mountain of candies right now"", dispel this magic story together with the child. Such imaginations help to amuse the child, to treat with humour a situation.

5. At first sight, all these steps seem simple. But automatically we got used to act in a different way. Regularly re-read these councils and train to realize them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team