How to help the child to create the correct self-assessment

How to help the child to create the correct self-assessment

Self-assessment is called personal assessment of the qualities and opportunities. Such assessment not always is adequate, someone overestimates himself, someone on the contrary - underestimates, and it very much disturbs in life. Therefore it is extremely important to help the child to create the correct self-assessment. Only his parents can make it.


1. First of all it is worth remembering that support of parents is always necessary for the child. It is very important that the kid understood that mom and dad are nearby, support all his initiatives, etc. At the same time it is impossible to sponsor excessively the child, otherwise the child will be further dependent, it will be heavy to it to come off parents that will cause an array of problems, it is necessary always to try to train the kid for adulthood.

2. Many parents right after the birth of the child begin to represent what he will be, sometimes even choose for future profession of the kid. It in a root is wrong, not the fact that dreams of parents to be carried out. When mom and dad constantly insist, for example, on that their daughter took dancing classes, and she goes then to gymnastics, further can seem to it that it did not equal hopes of the beloved parents, she will reproach herself with it, respectively, the self-assessment will fall.

3. It is necessary to praise any undertakings of the child, to grant to him option and to support this choice. But at the same time possibilities of the child should be estimated adequately. Small children estimate themselves only by means of parents. That is, if constantly say to the kid that he is the best of all, and all other children – nobody, then he will really uplift further himself on a pedestal. The child has to understand that all children have certain progress and failures, it is not necessary to be ashamed of them.

4. It is very heavy to the loving parents to put the child on an equal basis with others, for them he the best, but if they give an adequate assessment to the child, then and to the kid it will be much simpler in life. Its self-assessment will be correct. When the person knows the minuses and pluses, it is much simpler to it to make contact with other people, he will never be arrogant and uncivilized, he will treat with respect all people around, so, will surely want to communicate with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team