How to help the child to overcome diffidence

How to help the child to overcome diffidence

Not news that each mother wishes to the child only the best, and perceives all problems of the child always close to heart. And presently more and more relevant is a question of how mothers to help the child to overcome diffidence.


1. The easiest way to help the child to step over the uncertainty is an extracurricular activity. Find out more about his hobbies and try to find a suitable circle or section which will correspond to interests. Unostentatiously suggest the child to register in some of them. Any person is involuntarily liberated, being in comfortable to him to Wednesday, and also communicating with people who are interesting to it. The more he will communicate, the more freely he will feel in a conversation with any other people. Soon you will see how your child with it is proud of the raised head itself will go forward on a meeting to new acquaintances.

2. Focus attention on its achievements. Practically all parents often try to point to the child to his mistakes that that acquired it and from now on did not repeat them. Unfortunately, children who for certain reasons take all the mistakes too painfully meet, it is even more unpleasant – when to them someone about it often repeats. To force the child to feel confident in Sebha and the forces, just try to pay as often as possible his attention to own achievements. He also will be surprised, how well he has some things.

3. Remember yourself in the childhood. Lead an unostentatious discussion with it. Children simpler perceive informal conversations, but at the same time that they did not impose them the same information throughout all conversation. Give an example from private life. Let it know that everything is reached only by work and persistence, and you should not consider yourself it is worse than others. Nobody became a celebrity, he should have been born only. Concrete examples will give to the child where to begin itself to respect big motivation, than any doubtful councils from the Internet. Impart to it since childhood understanding that nobody is ideal. But those who study on mistakes reach far bigger, than people around could think.

4. Ask the child to give to you advice, you ask for help in feasible to it affairs. Thanks to it, he will feel the importance. With understanding that need it the child will begin to feel much more surely, than before.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team