How to help the child to pass examinations

How to help the child to pass examinations

Examinations are a difficult time both for children, and for their parents. The pupil needs to be prepared qualitatively for test and to successfully show the acquired knowledge, and the adult – to help the child to pass examinations.


1. In advance discuss with the child its strong and weaknesses. At the same time it is necessary to avoid as critics: "The whole year probezdelnichat, and now in a week everything needs to be learned", and exaggerations of its opportunities: "Let prior to examination two days, all of us will manage to learn". Accurately plan everything that needs to be repeated prior to examination.

2. Try to use cunning a little: if the theory of a subject is rather difficult, but at tickets surely there are tasks – learn to solve correctly them as it will provide additional points. Surely pass trial test – for this purpose it is possible to find tasks of last years in the Internet. So your child will more precisely define subjects which should be tightened.

3. Teach the child and to those cunnings which once helped you to learn a subject successfully. If the child badly remembers formulas – largely write them on sheets and hang out on all house. For several days he will remember them visually and will be able to reproduce at examination. If at the pupil the acoustical memory prevails – read him theoretical material that he better it remembered. Ideally – by preparation for examinations it is necessary to use all types of memory.

4. Provide to the child an opportunity to be engaged quietly. Allocate him free space, temporarily move younger family members to other rooms if children live together. Exempt the pupil from household chores.

5. Take care of good nutrition of the child. During preparation for examinations his brain strongly works therefore all nutrients are necessary for it: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A salmon, the liver, cocoa, nuts, bilberry, eggs, avocado are especially useful to a brain.

6. Encourage your pupil, you say that you believe in him and his forces. And for yourself remember that examinations are always the lottery and life does not come to an end after failure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team