How to help the child to realize the abilities

How to help the child to realize the abilities

People are born with the individual abilities. From whether the person will manage to realize himself, his feelings of own value and the importance directly depend. To begin to realize the abilities it is necessary since childhood. And parents have to help the child and create the environment contributing to the development of talents, independence and responsibility.


1. Do not do his work for the child – let him learn to find independently solutions according to the individual abilities. Very often parents seek to teach the kid, to prompt how to do any given task. As a result they at once place it in a certain framework. Let the child think, and he, most likely, will find actually a solution.

2. Encourage independence of the child. Provide him to yourself, and – observe. If the child misses, do not hurry to occupy him with some entertainment – let he will think up a game independently. So your child will learn to dream, invent, invent.

3. Allow the child to make mistakes. Your kid incorrectly collected a puzzle or model from the designer? Do not interfere, give him the chance to understand, most to find the necessary solution. In adulthood the mistakes are made by all, however, having learned not to be given and act independently in a difficult situation, your child will become more successful than many.

4. You praise the child for an initiative. Your child decided to sew a button, but got confused in threads? Praise it for desire to make it independently. Praises are very important for the little man, they help it to feel own importance. And the child will want to receive a praise once again soon.

5. From time to time you bring the child out of a comfort zone – new conditions will help it to open and realize the abilities better. For example, you descend with it in a campaign, and on a halt charge to the kid most to make sandwiches. Of course, you will make it quicker and more accurately, however, having waited a little, you will give the child a chance to learn that it can do a lot of things too. Any situations, non-standard for the little man, give to him an enormous impetus in development of thinking and abilities.

6. Give to the child the chance to make decisions. Let he will define – in a jacket to him to go to a garden or in a t-shirt that will take on walk – a ball or the scooter. So the kid will feel responsibility for own decisions and will approach more seriously many vital questions.

7. You show the son or the daughter the ropes of adult problems. The earlier it will understand a society organization, the quicker he will learn to apply the abilities in life. For example, offer it the limited budget and an opportunity to get products for a dinner. So the child will understand the value of money and need of economy.

8. Perceive the child seriously, do not laugh at his judgments and thoughts. Dialogue as equals will give to your kid feeling of confidence that it is perceived seriously. Respect the identity of the child, and he will trust completely you. Such house environment allows to grow up the personality who is successfully realizing the abilities in adulthood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team