How to help the child to seize the speech

How to help the child to seize the speech

In order that the child quicker and easier seized the speech, he needs to be helped by means of simple classes and exercises which can begin to be applied from the very first days of life

Everything begins from the cradle

When the kid was only born, can seem to parents that except how to eat and sleep, nothing is required to him, and helping to seize the speech, somehow is not thought at all. Actually the speech development begins from the very first days of life, the kid already hears everything and not bad sees at a short distance. Talking to the child, you give an impetus for development of speech skills. You speak as often as possible, comment on each action, sing songs. At the same time it is desirable that the child saw how your lips what emotions are expressed by your person when pronouncing any given word move.

The important contribution to a speech development is made by development of fine motor skills of hands. Movements of brushes and in particular fingers influence the part of a brain which is responsible for speech development. For this reason since the birth it is necessary to play with the child finger-type games, to do massages and exercises at which fingers of hands are involved.

Speech development at preschool age

To teach the child to say as soon as he is above infantile age, it is necessary to expand its circle of contacts. It is the best of all if the kid communicates with age-mates. Such communication can be received at the playground, but to resemble with the child in some developing children's center even better. Here experienced teachers will teach children to contact with each other and will show a set of interesting and useful games. In free time you visit with the kid relatives and friends: what the child will contact to a large number of people, it is better for those for a speech development. Do not stop to pay attention to development of fine motor skills. Since 1.5 years, with the child it is necessary to draw and mold: in the course of a molding and drawing the fine motor skills are involved especially actively. When you notice that the child ceased to drag everything in a mouth, it will be useful to play with some small objects – buttons, coins, beans, grain. Very well reading contributes to the speech development. Buy children's books with bright pictures and simple texts and read to the child. Approximately since two years children are capable to remember small simple quatrains, for example such, as at A. Bartho. Verses well develop not only the speech, but also memory. With the same purpose tell the child of the fairy tale, on the course of the narration make pauses that the kid could continue the story. Being engaged with the child in speech development, you remember that children begin to speak at different age and differently. Someone gradually studies one word behind another, and someone long is silent, but at once begins to speak offers.

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