How to help the fallen child

How to help the fallen child

Even the most ideal and attentive parent sometimes cannot follow the ransacking and investigating kid everywhere. It is important to foreknow about measures which need to be undertaken in case the child fell or hit.

It is required to you

  • First-aid kit, hydrogen peroxide, ice, phone.


1. Do not panic. Falling of the kid of chest age – the most terrible nightmare of parents. Statistically, in 80% of cases it turns into reality. The most widespread trauma – head, it – the most dangerous, at kids the skull bones designed to protect brain tissues from injuries still completely were not created. Besides, the head of children of chest age makes much more the most part of a body, than at the adult, and therefore outweighs. In case of falling the kid is unprotected also because reflexes by means of which he could protect somehow himself from a trauma for the present are not developed. But not everything is as bad as it seems at first sight. According to the same statistics, most of the fallen children get off light, it is slightly less – small damages, and the smallest part is made by those who got a craniocereberal trauma. Anyway, the most important is to keep calm, panic will not help your child in any way. It is worth postponing also a showdown concerning the one which of parents is guilty of falling of the kid. You remember: it is necessary as it is possible to make more quickly everything to help the fallen child.

2. You call for ambulance. There are situations at which you should not think and hesitate long because time for it can not be. It concerns the kids in the first months of life who fell from sufficient height (40 cm and more) and also children of age half a year-year if they fell from 50-60 cm of height. In any of these cases it is necessary to call at once an ambulance, especially if there are bleedings, the kid hit a head or a back. Superfluous it will never be, but you will be quiet for the child. There are some more signs after which emergence it is necessary to call an ambulance: consciousness loss, even short-term, vomiting, spasms, child's hysterics, pale skin, behavior, uncharacteristic for the kid. All this speaks about presence of a severe injury, hospitalization and inspection of doctors is in that case necessary. In case of vomiting before arrival of doctors lay the child and turn his head sideways.

3. If nothing from the above-mentioned came to light and you did not begin to call in ambulance, surely observe the child and his state after falling. The severe injury can itself at once and not show therefore do not stop observation at least within a day after the incident. In the first minutes 10 try to calm and distract the child as much as possible: play with him or lie down. If on a body there were slight grazes, process them hydrogen peroxide, and to the place of a bruise apply ice or a cold towel. If bleeding long does not stop, address to hospital. See a doctor and in case the child has a confused breath or it overcomes unusual for it drowsiness at this time. The main thing that is required from parents – attentiveness and speed of reaction in case after all it was not succeeded to follow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team