How to help the first grader to adapt to school

How to help the first grader to adapt to school

The beginning of training at school - quite difficult period in the child's life: intense school day very strongly differs from what he got used in kindergarten to, loading and requirements increases. At the same time, now the child has less opportunity to move, and the movement is necessary for the correct development. The healthy, active, sociable child without special work will cope with these difficulties, and your task – to help it with it.

At least in the first month of training someone from adults has to be at home that the kid did not come to the empty apartment. The first days until the child got used to a role of the pupil, new to himself, it is desirable to see off him in school and to meet even if it is absolutely near the house: several minutes of communication with the native person mean to the kid much. Encourage the child, calm if he worries about something. It is possible to use this time to repeat the set rhyme or the rule.

The success of training in many respects depends on correctly organized workplace of the school student: take care of that it had the desk. Surely track that its height corresponded to growth of the child, and light fell on a notebook in front or at the left.

In spite of the fact that at the child now a lot of time leaves on visit of school and performance of tasks, there have to be both walks, and reading favourite books, and games, and the TV. Try to construct regime of the kid so that for all this there was time.

Be not too strict to the new pupil: a lot of things will not turn out, but the school for this purpose and exists to learn! Support the child, do not miss an opportunity to praise him, do not turn into cruel and unshakable judges, remain those whom were – the loving parents.

Often to the child school rules and restrictions are unclear: why it is impossible to leave a class during a lesson why it is necessary to raise a hand why it is impossible to be late for several minutes? Explain to the child the meaning of these requirements, and it with pleasure will carry out them.

Be aware always of the events at school: talk to the teacher and with the child. Control him, but only do not turn into the strict auditor, it has to be friendly control.

It is not necessary to sit constantly with the child when he does homework, otherwise he will get used to it, and just without you will not sit down at a table. It is impossible and perform tasks for the child. But at the same time you have to be ready to come to the rescue always.

Refrain from rough epithets: they will not help, do not demand a detailed report about estimates – just ask, how are you at school. Do not abuse for the two, otherwise the child will begin to deceive you, think together with the child better how to correct a bad note.

Your love and patience surely will help the child to cope with difficulties of the first year of training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team