How to help the kid at gripes

How to help the kid at gripes

Since 2 weeks up to 4 months from the date of the birth, the kid quite often feels pain from intestinal gripes. Gripes usually have skhvatkoobrazny character. Thanks to some hints, mom can facilitate or at all save the kid from pain.

Gripes usually occur in the evening, is more often after feeding, preventing the child to fall asleep. But exactly during sleep, the newborn baby develops and gets stronger in Wednesday, new to it. As anesthesia we use: 1. Tea with fennel. It is applied to children from 1st month of life at gripes and a meteorizm and also as soft laxative. 1 bag of tea is filled up with 100-150 ml of hot boiled water and we insist 3-5 minutes, then the bag is deleted. The daily volume of tea should not exceed 80-100 g.

2. Fennel infusion. For a long time uses glory of reliable carminative remedy. We fill in 1 tablespoon of dill seeds with a glass of boiled water and we insist within 10-15 minutes, we merge broth and we store within two days in the fridge. Broth is cooled to 36-37 degrees and we give to the child 0.5 tablespoons 3 times a day.

3. Warm diaper. On a stomach of the child it is necessary to put the diaper heated on the battery or by means of the iron. Heat helps to lower a tone of muscles and, as a result, to reduce pain.4. Massage. Within several minutes to iron a stomach clockwise. If the kid is not ready for massage, it is possible to try to use the provision "Tiger on a Tree". It is necessary to keep in this position of the child a back to itself, having put the left hand under a breast of the kid, then to pass the right hand between knees and put a palm on a stomach of the kid, evenly supporting him by both hands.

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