How to help the school student it is successful to finish academic year

How to help the school student it is successful to finish academic year

Many school students at the end of the academic year face the phenomenon under the name "syndrome of the last quarter". Forces on an outcome, study troubles, irritability appears. The child can become sluggish and sleepy or, on the contrary, will begin to show signs of nervousness. Parents have to help with this situation to the child that he did not spoil total estimates and did not affect the health.

Walks in the fresh air and day regimen

After school the child should not spend all the time at the computer or at the TV as it will lead to the fact that it will undertake lessons only late evening when on their performance there is neither left force, nor desire any more. Homework will be hardly performed well that will lead to bad marks and reproaches of parents. It is necessary to take care of that the child walked every day in the fresh air, began to do homework in certain time and not too late. In the beginning it is recommended to start simple exercises that it was possible to be adjusted for homework, easily switching to more difficult tasks. It is impossible to accumulate tasks, leaving them for the last moment. Loading has to be distributed evenly during the whole week.

Unplanned day off

If it is visible that the child was really tired, constantly complains of drowsiness and cannot focus on lessons, it is possible to arrange unplanned day off. Only it cannot be spent at home at all. The child has to get enough sleep since morning, it is not necessary to awake him. After that it is necessary to take care of lessons next day, and then it is safely possible to go to long walk. It is possible to provide visit of the pool, bowling, cinema or any other place where the child will be able to relax and distract from school. There will be enough one such day that the school student restored forces, received a charge of good mood and again could plunge into study.

Health of the school student

In the spring at children the avitaminosis which negatively affects not only health, but also intellectual activity – drowsiness, apathy and constant fatigue can begin will not promote knowledge acquisition in any way. During this period it is necessary to reconsider the child's diet, if necessary having added to it polyvitaminic complexes after consultation with the doctor.

Praise and encouragement

Bad notes – not an occasion to constantly abuse the child or to punish him. Tender and kind words, moral support and the help in case the child does not understand material – the result will not keep itself waiting, and in the diary only the highest points will appear.

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