How to help the teenager to choose a profession

How to help the teenager to choose a profession

Parents need to take care of an issue of career guidance of the teenager as soon as possible. Help the child to make a conscious, right choice.


1. Encourage the teenager to try the opportunities in various spheres of life. Let is not satisfied with what has already been achieved and periodically tests in something new. The main thing that he did not give up new occupation halfway, it is necessary to achieve some results, overcoming the first difficulties, only then if desired to move further.

2. To understand, than the teenager wants to be engaged in life, it is necessary to show active interest in any given professions. Induce it to collect information, to learn about all pluses and minuses of the interesting profession. It is possible to communicate to people who already occupy the interesting specialty whenever possible to visit jobs, to see how there is a work from within though to plunge a little into the atmosphere.

3. It is wrong when parents try to choose independently for the teenager a profession, proceeding from the outlook and the principles, even from the best motives. It is possible to advise only, to specify options. If the child asks for suggestions, express the opinion, but do not insist on the decision made by you personally. The teenager himself has to make a choice, proceeding from the desires, opportunities. It is his life and you will not be able to live it instead of it.

4. You should not criticize even the most, in your opinion, unworthy ideas about a profession. Let the teenager himself try, makes mistakes, to study on the personal experience. Only this way he will be able finally to understand that he looks for in life what it is necessary to aspire to and to what profession of to devote to derive pleasure and advantage of business.

5. If the child has serious difficulties with choice of profession, he does not imagine in any way, than wants to be engaged, it is possible to address the specialist in career guidance who in the course of the conversation will point to the teenager to his strong, weaknesses and will specify specialties where it will be able to realize itself(himself). There is a set of trainings on which by means of polls and testing it is easier to be defined, choose the right direction.

6. Cultivate independence in the child. Since childhood form in it moral values, personal ideals and aspirations. You learn to make independent decisions, the child always has to have own opinion. Have to move the teenager internal beliefs.

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