How to help the teenager to overcome shyness

How to help the teenager to overcome shyness

It is very difficult for timid teenager to build the relations with peers, he is deprived of the main joy of this age – communication, friendship, love. Psychologists give several advice how to help parents of the teenager to help it to overcome shyness.

Do not allow anybody to call your child timid

Estimates and opinion of people around very strongly influence the teenager's self-assessment. Therefore, it is important that responses of teachers, mentors, acquaintances, etc. promoted a raising of a self-assessment of the teenager in his own eyes and eyes of people around.

Encourage contact with a look

Visual contact, contact by a look – the most important part of establishment of confidential communication, psychologists say. The diffident person usually avoids to look in the face to the interlocutor therefore encourage in communication with you contact with a look. First, if it is difficult to teenager to come into contact of eyes, it is possible to look at a nose bridge.

Teach the child to get into conversation and to finish it

The teenager is afraid to begin a conversation with the stranger, to tell something not so that not to be rejected or mocked. Help the child to work these skills in a safe situation, try to give examples of situations as it is possible to begin a conversation what to ask, offer options of the possible topics of conversation. Also teach the child as it is correct to finish a conversation. All these skills can be fulfilled in phone call with the benevolent interlocutor, the fellow traveler in transport, etc. Having got successful experience of communication, the teenager will be able to transfer already independently it and to apply in communication with peers.

Work behavior in those or other situations

Help the teenager to get rid of fear of any given situations, having played them on roles. You can play an example of acquaintance to the new pupil in a class, a situation on a visit, on a birthday of the friend. You can change over several times until the child begins to feel more surely and it will be ready to apply the skills in real communication.

Training of skills in communication with younger children

As a rule, in communication with younger children, timid teenagers I feel much more surely. Welcome such communication for short games with children of your acquaintances, the cousin or the sister, etc.

Create conditions for games together with peers

Create conditions that the teenager could invite someone one of peers on a visit, or for joint preparation of homework, etc. Try to reduce external including own intervention to a minimum, is also best of all to refuse the TV, computer games. Communication "confidentially" with with the peer to whom the teenager most trusts, allows the timid teenager to feel more surely and will become the first step to true friendship and full overcoming the shyness. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team