How to help to endure a grief

How to help to endure a grief

Life consists not only of light, joyful events. People should face also problems, troubles and with a grief. For example, because of the death of the loved one. What to do in case the woman cannot calm down after the death of the beloved husband in any way?


1. It is hard to cope with a grief, especially for vulnerable, impressionable people. Sometimes they take the death of darling so hard that they can fall into a severe depression. That it did not happen, relatives and friends have to help them to endure a grief.

2. Experiences, sincere sufferings because of loss of the loved one – the normal and natural phenomenon. It would be strange if the widow did not mourn the died husband, especially if he loved her and cared for her. However through some time when the most painful emotions cease, needs to help gradually to begin to come back the grieving woman to a usual way of life.

3. Friends and relatives have to delicately, but persistently inspire in it: tears and experiences you will correct nothing. What happened – awfully, but cannot be returned the died person to life. The woman's torments will not help the late spouse, and to her for certain will strongly damage. Not for nothing many doctors say: "All diseases – from nerves".

4. It is impossible to feel sorry constantly for the widow at all, to shed tears together with her, sentencing: "Oh, for what to you such misfortune!" It is admissible only in the first days after the death of the spouse when emotions the strongest and painful. And during later period such sympathy will only drive the woman in a depression.

5. Communicating with the widow, it is not necessary to speak about the dead, to remember what good spouse he was. A similar talk for the grieving woman – as salt on a wound. Instead it is necessary in every possible way to try to distract it from such memoirs, to interest in something, to try that she got positive emotions. Girlfriends should invite more often her to a sit-round gathering in cafe, shopping, in beauty shops, fitness clubs. It is necessary to insist that the widow though for a short time left somewhere far away from those places where everything reminds of the ex-husband. Ideally – in a foreign tour where there will be a mass of new impressions.

6. It is not necessary to show an initiative, acquainting it with single men. The widow can strongly take offense, become angry, having regarded it as disrespect for memory of deceased. Instead follows unostentatiously, delicately to bring it to a thought that it after the death of the husband should not put an end to the private life.

7. If the widow needs the help, it surely should be rendered, but reasonably. It is not necessary to exempt completely it from homework, to undertake the solution of all its problems. The more will be at the grieving woman of free time and forces, the more often she will remember the spouse, with all that it implies. It is not for nothing said: "Work – the best derivation from a grief".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team